SIMPLE algorithm

Matrix object: it is used to store the data.

Discretiser object: To change the type of discretisation you want.
The default value is power discretisation.

Solver object: A solver based on the TDMA.

Main file: Flow of a fluid in a 2D plane.
Air is introduced from the left and top of the plane. In the main file you can change the entry speed of the gas, the relaxation coefficient, the number of zones and physical properties of gas.

The program will generate two files, pressure.dat and velocity.dat.
Pressure.dat contains the pressure fiel generated by the program. Column 1 is the x coordinate, column 2 is the y coordinate and column 3 is the pressure field.
Velocity.dat represents the average velocity in the cell. Col 1 is the x coordinate, column 2 in the y coordinate, column 3 and 4 are the velocities in y and x divided by the max magnitude in the field. Column 5, 6 and 7 are the magnitude of the velocity, the component in y and the component in x in the cell
You can use these columns and gnuplot to visualise the data