Scientific research is the systematic investigation of scientific theories and hypotheses. Performing it require determination and resilience. It is mostly quite difficult and can be a long journey. There is always a price for it. But when you started to see the result gradually appear, you will start to experience indescribable intramural satisfaction.

D. Saraf

I am currently a PhD Researcher in Game Engineering Group at the School of Computing Science, Newcastle University. For an up-to-date list of my publications, see here.


Continuing on my previous experience in 3D modelling, human-computer interaction, interaction design, serious games and user interface, I am currently focusing my research on serious game for rehabilitation where I try to identify the overriding element between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in the creation of successful rehabilitation games that could prolong therapeutic gaming activities for post-stroke patients.


Throughout the years performing research in computer science, I have developed a good understanding in few areas such as:

Serious Games
Digital Health


A certificate is just a benchmark on a paper if it is not combined with a knowledge and wisdom of a real life experience. The true purpose of education is to develop, transform and enrich human's life. Therefore, grades without deep understanding and the use of knowledge in a good way are just arbitrary letters on a page. The grade is not an indicator of achievement, the genuine achievement is an endeavour of making altruistic changes in the real world by applying the knowledge learned. Intelligent people won't disparage others, but they embolden humanity and develop civilisation, that is the real purpose of being educated and intellect. We know that life never stops teaching, thus we must keep on learning. Good disciplines and proper education will lead us to a better future.

  • PhD Computing Science

    Newcastle University


    I am now a PhD researcher within Game Engineering Group at Game Lab, Newcastle University. I am currently focusing on the serious game for rehabilitation where I am working on developing a new serious game design model that concentrates on external motivation and flow concepts to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation games design.

  • MSc 3D Technologies


    2012 - 2013

    My master dissertation quantitatively evaluated a set of 3D technologies integrated into car commercial videos that enhanced advertisement characteristics in creating engaging supercar advertisements.

  • BDes Industrial Design

    University of Putra Malaysia


    For my final year project, I have designed and developed a scaled car showroom for model cars to be used on tour events to promote Proton’s newly launched cars. This final year project was built upon by a group of lecturers at UPM, and exhibited at the PRPi12 design showcase.

  • Dip in Mech Engineering

    Polytechnic Seberang Perai


    I have worked with a group of 4 for my final year project, which involved developing an automated, portable stamping machine that later used in industry in the local area. Through this project, I have built upon the knowledge and skills with power relay system, pneumatic and conveyor systems.


Phone : +447393959149
Email : b3003462@ncl.ac.uk
Skype : deansaraf