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If you ended up on this site, you probably have scanned the QR code on the business card or googled him up. These pages are not nearly as often updated as desirable, but it will give you some basic information on who he is, and what can (and does!) he do.


Zoltan was born in Hungary in 1987. Studied at the Theodore Puskas Technical Secondary School to become a telecommunications technician in 2006. Then, he went on to work for T-Mobile Hungary (Magyar Telekom Nyrt.) as a repair technician between 2006 and 2009. He relocated to the UK in September 2009, to study electronic engineering at Newcastle University, from which he graduated in 2012. Immediately after, he attended an MRes Neuroscience course, and received his qualification in 2013. Currently, he is a Wellcome Trust funded PhD student in Jenny Read's lab, and is doing research in Vision Neuroscience.

Extracurricular (and non-academic) interests

Zoltan is a HAM Radio operator, and is a committee member of the Angel of the North Amateur Radio Club, the Tyne and Wear Repeater Group, and is also a member of the HA5KHC Radioclub in Hungary. He is also teaching at the Angel club when his time permits.
Having a life-long interest in 'all things electrical', he likes programming embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi, the Minimorph board from Imagination Technologies, or just simply programming microcontrollers or hacking routers. The goal is almost always to create something new out of these building blocks.
He sometimes takes on shifts as a safety/security steward at numerous public events, since he has an NVQ Level 2 in Spectator Safety and an SIA licence.
Apart from these, he is starting up a small business, selling software that teaches how to understand musical scales.
Other things of interest: Finding music that is empirically classified as pleasing, good beers (preferably from local microbreweries), playing the guitar, exploring hidden places invisible to tourists, and generally the joy of making things, and making things work. Big or small, be it just fixing his car or creating something that research could be done on, others describe him as a person who does his work with great enthusiasm. Since Zoli strongly believes in free software, he is always looking for FOSS alternatives. He managed to get rid of almost all proprietary-licenced software products in his own systems. Also, now owns and remotely administrates three workstations, a 'homebrew' server in Hungary, which is operational since 2008. Thanks to his work, the computer at the Angel club employs free software solutions for amateur radio purposes.


From 2002 to 2004, he participated in ARDF contests, but yet currently all of his sports activities are covered by cycling everywhere, sadly.

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