Academic Background

Bin is currently a PhD student in Geotechnical Engineering commenced January 2021 at Newcastle University.

In 2017, Bin earned his Master of Science degree (MSc) in Highway and Railway Engineering at Inner Mongolia University of Technology, China. He mastered different methods to analyse and reinforce roadway foundation. He also learned the newest technology used in pavement design and highway traffic control. He supervised a project regarding exciting roadway foundation reinforcement.

In 2015, Bin gathered his Master of Science degree (MSc) in Geotechnical Engineering at Florida International University, USA. He was well trained in different geotechnical objects, such as foundation simulation, lab testing, earthquake detection and etc. He performed a master project on particle morphology study using 3D printing and triaxial test.

In 2011, Bin completed his Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Transportation Engineering at Hebei University of Engineering, China. He obtained mathematical and physical bases to master the traffic demand analysis, roadway geometry design, pavement design and etc.